Happy Spring!

The best way to survive such a cold damp spring is to keep your core humming with Pilates and core movement classes. Yoga classes this month have been focusing on opening the chest and shoulders to help with arm balances and back bending – poses that also require excellent core stability!

Mountain Studio will be closed from April 18-22

Charlotte will be traveling with her family during school spring break, but she’ll be here to teach all the Saturday morning classes.

Wild Open Heart Spring Cleanse

At a loss for what to do during Spring Break week in April? It’s a great time to try Charlotte’s Spring Cleanse! This “cleanse” is not what you think – think of it more as a seasonal-reset. A dietary shift in the right direction and a great learning opportunity. Find out more at: http://wildopenheart.com/21-day-spring-cleanse-and-seasonal-shift/