Anatomy in Motion: The Shoulder Girdle

Wednesday July 12th 5-7:30 pm

Presented by Meghan Frederick, a Maine native and current NYC-based Pilates Trainer.

We will take time to look at, touch, and move our skeletons- focusing on the shoulder girdle. With external visual aids we will locate and discuss commonly referenced anatomical landmarks within the Pilates repertoire. We will see and experience how we are able to slide our scapula, rotate and lift our collarbones, and find internal and external rotation of the humerus bones. Finding a clearer understanding of the bone rhythms underlying movement will allow us to move more fully, release tension in all those ‘stuck’ places, and work harder where we need to. We will work individually and in partners, there will be plenty of time for questions. Come prepared to move. This workshop is appropriate for beginning or advanced students as well as teachers interested in deepening their practice and their cueing techniques.

COST is $60 with registration before July 1st or $75 after July 1st

To pre-register please place a $30 deposit in one of the following ways:

-Mail to Meghan Frederick: 537 Clinton Ave #2A Brooklyn NY 11238

-Drop a check offoff at Blue Hill Mountain Studio

-Send by VENMO to Meghan_Frederick_2

For more information and to register contact: