What a full year it has been! This March I started my 600-hr Power Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training with Kim Castro at Body Lines Pilates in Ayer, MA. After driving down there for three-day weekends once a month I am nearly done! I passed my 600-hr practical exam last week, completed a written exam and have just a few pieces left to wrap up before it is official. I’m glad I decided to upgrade my certification in this way as I learned a ton about teaching with apparatus (such as the reformer, Cadillac, wunda chair and ladder barrel). But more importantly, I really love how classical Pilates mat work is focussed on building a strong supple spine. With that, so many things are possible!

Now, for my upcoming teaching schedule. I am traveling to Utah for my annual twin-trip with my brother. We’ll be running a trail race in Moab and exploring the red-rock desert for a week before Thanksgiving. That means the schedule for the rest of November looks like this:

There will be no classes between November 15-24th with the exception of Saturday November 17th when Jerome will teach the Saturday morning Creative Core and Yoga classes.

As some of you already know there is also no TUESDAY YOGA for the rest of November. Classes will resume in December.

I’ve mentioned to some of you that I am looking to re-structure my yoga classes, particularly during the winter months when attendance drops-off. For now you can look forward to December’s classes focussing more on restorative work, incorporating longer holds, and props such as foam rollers and body rolling balls.

The schedule for December looks like this:

No classes Saturday December 8th. (Millinocket Marathon)

No classes Sunday December 23 – Jan 1.

I am hoping to offer a couple special yin-yoga restorative classes Sunday afternoon around the Winter Solstice so check your email for updates about that.