Corona Virus Update

Per request of Maine’s governor and the CDC, Blue Hill Mountain Studio will not be holding in-person classes until we are cleared to safely hold small group events. Until then I will be recording morning classes for viewing either live (via Zoom) or here (after the fact). Enjoy!

Mountain Studio is open all of February, 2020

Happy Winter! Here we are in the heart of it. Snowy roads and icy sidewalks can make it tricky to stay active in the winter but Mountain Studio will be open, thawed out and warm all through the month. I’m doing my best to keep the driveway and walkway safe, if not ice-free, so please use care, park where you need to and I’ll see you soon!


Mountain Studio is open in it’s new space

I’m excited to be back and I started teaching last week but not everyone got my email so I’m posting  all the same details here . . .


The schedule is:
Pilates Mat Class Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 – 9:20 (starts 9/10)
Creative Core Class Wednesday & Friday 8:30 – 9:20 (starts 9/18)
The cost is still $15 drop-in or $65 for 5 classes or $130 for 10.


Directions to the new location:
45 Evergreen Lane, Blue Hill, is off the Ellsworth Road (Rt 172) 1.25 miles north of the Blue Hill Fair Grounds on the left (coming from Blue Hill). Drive 0.2 miles on Evergreen Lane to the red log cabin on the right. The studio entrance is to the left (look for the Mountain Studio sign). If you’re coming from Ellsworth the most helpful landmark is that the storage units are just past Evergreen Lane (meaning you’ve gone to far, turn around!). Please be warned that google maps likes to incorrectly send people to Newbury Neck, I’m in Blue Hill, not Surry.
Parking will be creative until I get the parking lot built (“they” say it’ll be by November), so feel free to park each other in and park on the sides of the driveway where you can pull off, but please don’t block thru-traffic.

I’m guessing that it being Fall and with the summer break and everything else that class attendance will not exceed mat (and parking) spaces, but if that becomes a problem I’ll let you know how to sign up online for classes ahead of time.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon, I hope you had a full summer and if you want to read more about mine be sure to follow along on my blog at

Mountain Studio Transitioning June 15, 2019

Big news, Mountain Studio is making a big change this summer. Charlotte is leaving for the summer to go on an adventure with her family and when she returns she will be teaching Pilates mat classes and one-on-one apparatus sessions out of her new home studio (also located in Blue Hill). Charlotte’s last class before she leaves will be Saturday, June 15.

The good news is that this lovely space is going to be maintained as center for movement and wellness. Jennifer Coolidge is going to open the space on July 1st. There will be dance classes, yoga and at least some Pilates offered this summer so check back here or drop-by the studio for updates.

Thank you all for joining me at Mountain Studio these last four years, I am looking forward to making this transition and excited that this great community space will stay open for all of us!

– Charlotte


2018 November-December News and Schedule

What a full year it has been! This March I started my 600-hr Power Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training with Kim Castro at Body Lines Pilates in Ayer, MA. After driving down there for three-day weekends once a month I am nearly done! I passed my 600-hr practical exam last week, completed a written exam and have just a few pieces left to wrap up before it is official. I’m glad I decided to upgrade my certification in this way as I learned a ton about teaching with apparatus (such as the reformer, Cadillac, wunda chair and ladder barrel). But more importantly, I really love how classical Pilates mat work is focussed on building a strong supple spine. With that, so many things are possible!

Now, for my upcoming teaching schedule. I am traveling to Utah for my annual twin-trip with my brother. We’ll be running a trail race in Moab and exploring the red-rock desert for a week before Thanksgiving. That means the schedule for the rest of November looks like this:

There will be no classes between November 15-24th with the exception of Saturday November 17th when Jerome will teach the Saturday morning Creative Core and Yoga classes.

As some of you already know there is also no TUESDAY YOGA for the rest of November. Classes will resume in December.

I’ve mentioned to some of you that I am looking to re-structure my yoga classes, particularly during the winter months when attendance drops-off. For now you can look forward to December’s classes focussing more on restorative work, incorporating longer holds, and props such as foam rollers and body rolling balls.

The schedule for December looks like this:

No classes Saturday December 8th. (Millinocket Marathon)

No classes Sunday December 23 – Jan 1.

I am hoping to offer a couple special yin-yoga restorative classes Sunday afternoon around the Winter Solstice so check your email for updates about that.

2017 Holiday season schedule


With all the holidays during this last month of the year here’s a reminder of what classes will be cancelled:

Thanksgiving week: Classes will be held Tuesday and Wednesday but not Thursday-Saturday.

December 9th: There will be no Creative Core or Yoga class on this Saturday morning.

December 24- Jan 1: Studio Closed



Happy October

Fall Greetings!

I’ll be wrapping up my 2017 trail running season with a 100K (62 mile) race out in Arizona this weekend – the Javelina Jundred. That means no Pilates or Yoga classes on Thursday Oct. 26. But Jerome, my ever capable husband and certified yoga teacher will be teaching this weekend’s Creative Core and Yoga classes. Also, though I will be back to teach next week, I am going to go ahead and cancel the yoga class on Halloween evening so I can follow my costumed-children around town.

Have a great week and I’ll see you soon


Shoulder Anatomy and Function Workshop with Meghan Frederick

Anatomy in Motion: The Shoulder Girdle

Wednesday July 12th 5-7:30 pm

Presented by Meghan Frederick, a Maine native and current NYC-based Pilates Trainer.

We will take time to look at, touch, and move our skeletons- focusing on the shoulder girdle. With external visual aids we will locate and discuss commonly referenced anatomical landmarks within the Pilates repertoire. We will see and experience how we are able to slide our scapula, rotate and lift our collarbones, and find internal and external rotation of the humerus bones. Finding a clearer understanding of the bone rhythms underlying movement will allow us to move more fully, release tension in all those ‘stuck’ places, and work harder where we need to. We will work individually and in partners, there will be plenty of time for questions. Come prepared to move. This workshop is appropriate for beginning or advanced students as well as teachers interested in deepening their practice and their cueing techniques.

COST is $60 with registration before July 1st or $75 after July 1st

To pre-register please place a $30 deposit in one of the following ways:

-Mail to Meghan Frederick: 537 Clinton Ave #2A Brooklyn NY 11238

-Drop a check offoff at Blue Hill Mountain Studio

-Send by VENMO to Meghan_Frederick_2

For more information and to register contact:


February snow and a full week of vacation

What a wild and snowy February we’ve had. The whole of winter crammed into one week. Many classes were cancelled due to poor driving conditions and now I’m leaving for an entire week to soak up some sun and play in the sand. There will be no yoga, Pilates or Creative Core classes between February 18 – 24, 2017. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in March and starting up our regular weekly practices again!

Be Well,


June Update


I will be joining my family at Maine Fiddle Camp for the week. I wish I could tell you that I’ll be bringing my amazing fiddle skills back to the studio, but no. Though I like to think that being utterly humbled by learning to play the fiddle makes me a better student and thus a better teacher.

One Year Anniversary

This month marks Mountain Studio’s one year anniversary! It has been a lovely year with what feels like an easy organic flow of classes from one month to the next. I’m looking forward to celebrating with you in July with an open house evening – more on that later.

Class Updates

The Creative Core class on Wednesday and Saturday mornings has really taken off. People are figuring out how much fun the TRX straps are and also how to build strength using no props at all (lunges, squats and planks are the best!). There is still plenty of room in the Tuesday and Thursday traditional Pilates Mat class and I strongly suggest building a solid foundation in these classes before progressing to the Creative Core classes. The Tuesday evening Yoga Class is usually a smaller class and great for working on low-key progressions into arm balances and back bends while the Saturday morning class continues to be a wonderful community gathering – with just enough ease to help you unwind from the week and just enough effort to help you jump into the weekend.

Private Pilates Reformer, Mat, or Yoga Sessions

I am usually teetering on the edge of a full schedule but there are very often cancellations in the summer because of students traveling or hosting visitors so if you want to work with me one-on-one there’s a good chance we can find a time.



April News

Happy Spring!

The best way to survive such a cold damp spring is to keep your core humming with Pilates and core movement classes. Yoga classes this month have been focusing on opening the chest and shoulders to help with arm balances and back bending – poses that also require excellent core stability!

Mountain Studio will be closed from April 18-22

Charlotte will be traveling with her family during school spring break, but she’ll be here to teach all the Saturday morning classes.

Wild Open Heart Spring Cleanse

At a loss for what to do during Spring Break week in April? It’s a great time to try Charlotte’s Spring Cleanse! This “cleanse” is not what you think – think of it more as a seasonal-reset. A dietary shift in the right direction and a great learning opportunity. Find out more at: